no time for more leadership training?

No Time for More Leadership Training?

-Confessions from a Forged-in-84 Student

Do you feel like you’re too Busy to follow a new training course?  That’s what I thought once.  It was before I began logging into Forged in 84, but I get it. Through my job, I became a course alumni, but in the beginning, I didn’t know how I’d find the time for anything new. After all, it wasn’t a single hour webinar.  It would take months to complete. I have to confess I am the person on YouTube who watches videos at high speeds. Patience is a skill I haven’t fully mastered. So I did not feel I had time for more leadership training sessions.

no time for more leadership training?
no time for more leadership training?

I am ashamed to admit that before committing to Forged-in-84 program, I dragged my feet. Frankly, dragging my feet on learning from the Forged-in-84 program was my loss.  The program offers solid leadership insights and training.  Best of all, it took much less time away from my work than I expected, and it was engagingly fun to follow.

Aligning Your Expectations with Reality of More Leadership Training

The CommandReady Forged-in-84 program is structured in multiple five or ten minute modules.  Each module delivers at least one moment of “yes, I need to work on that” aspect of leadership.  Sometimes the module made me want to run and grab someone else in the firm to share the lesson. The bottom line is that the modules could be done before or after work, or even during a coffee break.  In the time it took to refresh my cup, I could consume another module of Forged in 84. 

Soon, I began to look at other things I did that tore chunks of time out of my day.  If they were unproductive, I began to whittle them down.  I actually ended up with more time available to complete my projects.  The five to ten minute modules help me save time, focus and deliver at a higher level.  I am ashamed that I leapt to conclusions about the Forged-in-84 program.  All I really needed to do to benefit from it was to be objective and realistic about the time needed. It turns out, I do have time for more leadership training, and I suspect you might too.

More Leadership Training Benefits For Proven Leaders

Even when you know how to be a good leader, review of what makes leaders excel is invaluable.  By going back and hearing from another successful leader, you might catch several things you sort of forgot about.  Like other training, even if you know it, the review helps you refocus on right priorities.  It helps you re-engage with your team and the work.  Just hearing another point of view reminds you that your way might not be the only way, all the time.

Several times during modules, I would think, “That would have been a better way to manage that crisis.”  Sometimes I would get affirmation of my response, but other times I saw traits I needed to work on.  The course repeatedly gave me direction and put me back on the productive leadership track.

More Leadership Training Benefits For New Leaders

For those learning to lead, it is incredibly helpful to have the Forged-in-84 resource at your back.  It is more than more leadership training or how to get your people to follow your instructions.  It is a guide to personal growth that will help you grow into a stronger leader for years to come. 

How it Works

In the Forged-in-84 program, Colonel Garth shares engaging real-life stories of his leadership experiences.  He honestly reveals both triumphant and humbling experiences, in an inspiring series you choose throughout the program. Your choices made in the modules don’t have to be a one-time event.  You can go through the entire program, note which modules you want to review, and go back to replay them.  There is homework to do, through it isn’t graded, that enriches the program immensely.  From my own experience, I would suggest you do the homework for your own benefit.  Nothing cements the lesson, like action.

Do you have traits you want to work on, but didn’t want to take time for more leadership training?  Forged-in-84 provides support and pushes you to work through your own leadership obstacles.  So many alumni reviews shared how the program changed them, not just at work, but throughout their life.  What better investment of your time is there, than life changing training?

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