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Leadership programs

The Leader Core

Join us for monthly updates full of continuous learning ideas and a real network of professionals looking to hold each other accountable. Live discussion weekly, a network of people interested in seeing growth.

Habit and Process development

Join a team with Forged in 84, build your daily habits to set you up to achieve your goals. Can you direct a team for 84 days in the development of real management and leadership skills. We learn by doing. Learn the skills it takes to lead at the next level.

Corporate Programs

Hands on development programs brought from the Battlefield to the Boardroom to grow your teams. Corporate programs vary from learning workshops, corporate virtual platforms, and outdoor retreat. You retain more when you engage in a collaborative way. Contact us to build your companies programs today. (All the learning, none of the push-ups).

Individual Programs

Engage in virtual connections with other leaders across the globe working to complete the 21 Step Challenge. With learning modules, community center, war stories and live virtual sessions there is something for everyone looking to level up their leadership.


Three months to prove your leadership capabilities, 12 weeks, 84 days, You join as a team of four to not only learn leadership but Forge new habits and test your ability to drive small teams into action. This will test your skills and build confidence in your ability to lead at the next level.

Corporate Programs

We build learning design programs based on your corporate needs, size and scope of impact. We have to talk to build this right so drop the Colonel a note in the “contact us” page and we will get right back to you. Make training happen on purpose!

Each program is different, everything works:

Be a leader

  • Corporate learning platform licensing, make learning modules available for the entire company, customized to your brand.

  • Four section CommandReady programs, in person workshops for groups of up to 20 people

  • Guided overland adventures, take your team off grid. 1-3 Day trips available, all custom. (max 8 participants)


The Leader Core

Join us in an accountability network like no other, monthly content, live discussions, resources, and interaction with other leaders looking to improve their outcomes. Join the Core.

Lead By Doing With Forged In 84

Being on a team means holding yourself accountable to the program and each other, you commit to doing the work. Be honest in your effort, be coachable and set good goals. Joining a team is a commitment to continuous learning and self development.

Annual Pass for Individual Subscribers

Engage in virtual training for your entire team with the 21 Step Challenge. Programs designed for individuals and groups connecting you from the comfort of your own home. Good leadership goes right to the bottom line.

Corporate Programs

Set up a custom hands-on learning workshop for your team both in person and virtual programs available. Retain more information and apply new skills immediatly.