Tactical Level Planning Steps

Tactical Level Planning

Making your Objective Achievable.

Tactical level planning involves breaking down the strategic level plan overview into smaller short term goals.  These smaller goals at the tactical level planning are focused steps that lead to the larger goals.  The series of smaller goals set in a timeline make progress on the larger goals more measurable.  They can then be delegated to the appropriate party. 

Tactical level planning focused steps lead to larger goals.

Steps or Actions

At the operational planning level, you determined where you are going and how you will reach your destination. At the tactical level, your path will be more detailed. A key factor of the tactical level plan is determining what actions will be taken to meet each goal.  Those actions are specific steps or tasks that will need to be completed in order to move closer to the completion of a goal.  The smaller steps, facilitate checkpoints by which you can measure whether workers are on track to meet objectives by deadlines.


As part of the tactical level plan, a leader needs to determine what resources will be required to complete each action of the plan.  By resources, we are not just referring to financial reserves, but to anything that will be necessary to complete the steps in order to reach your objectives. If one of the steps were to package items in a kit, the resources needed would be: items going into the package, time to package them, packaging supplies and tools to seal packages.

Deadlines and Timelines

When you have determined the steps that need to be taken to meet objectives, the team members the tasks will be delegated to, and the resources needed, you are ready to look at the project or objective deadline.  The deadline for each step helps prioritize which steps need to be completed first.  A timeline helps you decide on the workflow, or order of steps that best results in attaining your objectives. 

Those are the basics of tactical level planning, but as soon as you delegated the steps to the smaller objectives, you must step up to lead your team.  For instance, what do you do when your team comes to you with problems?  Here’s a hint: the answer is NOT to solve their problems!  By allowing your team to resolve their problems themselves, you are actually helping your team strengthen and gain skills.  As a tactical leader your job does not require you to solve problems for your team.  Your job does require that you let your people show you how they are solving those problems themselves.   

  1. Encourage your team members to talk to you.  help them figure out their own solutions, do not do their jobs
  2. Reorganize their achievements
  3. Make team members talk about better ways they can approach things
  4. Use that info to shape your leadership decisions.

A tactical leader regularly tests your people.  By allowing them to step up and pass the tests they earn respect and confidence.  Through this method of leadership, you are giving them future opportunities by their growth.

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