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Leaders Make a Difference in Every Organization…Be One


Garth Massey - Col USMC, MBA, MSS

Founded in 2007, CommandReady’s Chief Leadership Officer Col Garth Massey has been shaping learning programs that impact growth of individuals and industries. Leadership matters.

Thousands of leaders have trained with the CommandReady program. Taken the challenge to transform themselves into leaders that make a difference on teams, provide purpose and direction to shape themselves and their companies into winning organizations. For them, success meant cohesive teams, higher retention, improved communication, innovation, and building and promoting stars within organizations, we achieve more when we are open to learning.

We believe that leadership is a process, a journey. Through continuous learning, practical application of ideas and personal reflection leaders can shape environments that improve business outcomes, drive innovation and improve retention of key employees. Never stop learning, it makes everyone on your team better.
— Temperance, Justice, Prudence, Courage - Leadership
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Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Life, Your Opportunities?

30 day access to immediately access modules on trust, leadership styles and perspective to challenge how you see yourself and your team. The results of good leadership go right to the bottom line.

III. Building Teams

Understanding culture and team dynamics

IV. Accountability

Take ownership of your environment


I. Your Leadership

Know yourself and seek self improvement

II. Transition Skills

Decision making, communication, planning

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Leadership development programs introduction by Garth Massey, Marine LtCol and Chief Leadership Officer

When an organization grows past 100 employees it begins to feel disconnected from the culture the founder knew. Keeping culture in your organization requires…


Success Stories

A big take away for me from the course was the short/mid/long term goal alignment. I’ve worked hard to align my goals, and it’s set me up to be successful, both personally and professionally.
— Josh
Structured planning and phasing has already helped me revamp the Change Advisory Board process.
— Jenny
Leaders motivate people and make them grow. They inspire loyalty. They have empathy and tact. I take a little time by myself each week to think about how I can be more the leader I want to be.
— Donna