Why Aren’t We Getting More Effective Leadership Training

Too often, we promote talented employees without sufficient effective leadership training to guide the transition from producers to leaders. Why? Businesses hire people for certain skills they identify through regular evaluations or the hiring process.  As business leaders, we then promote those people to new levels based on achievement, but not always training them for their new role.

Effective Leadership Training Takes Time

effecitve leadership training
Leaders Need More Effective Leadership Training

Comprehensive training in leadership skills takes time. Over 40 percent of companies cite time as the obstacle to better training.  Those companies feel that time should be used to get the work done, not talk about how to manage employees.  But sparing the time to train employees is essential to better leadership. 

Saving Time with 3rd Party Effective Leadership Training

By outsourcing that training to leadership development programs like those at CommandReady, firms can save vast amount of inhouse hours spent in effective leadership training.  Their people still gain the skills and knowledge essential to growth, with far fewer training hours spent on their end. More efficient productivity from your trained leaders will make back time spent in training.

Training Costs Money

The second highest reason given for not sufficiently training employees is money, or the cost.  In fact, 39 percent of companies admit money is the reason they didn’t perform more employee training.  Yet, while it is costly to pay an employee for training instead of work hours, it increases productivity.  Forbes recently reported effective leadership training contributes to improved productivity, effective leadership and better morale among employees. It is important to consider, that money saved by reduced training time has an excessive cost in employee performance. 

CommandReady Offers an Affordable Solution

CommandReady has several training programs that are affordable and flexible enough that leaders have easy access on their own schedule.  Because we understand different companies have dissimilar needs, we created several formats.  These work well with a range of different organizational structures, size and budgets. 

Effective Leadership Training Enhances Engagement

Management training has more advantages.  One of the goals of our leadership development training is to engage employees at all levels.  Trained leaders understand the big picture, not just their specific area, with more useful feedback.  With this expanded understanding, their subordinates are more likely to become engaged in the firm’s goals and their new leader.  As leaders engagement increases, so does employee job satisfaction, followed by productivity increases.

Training Creates a Better Approach to Tasks and Goals

Effective leadership training can change employee’s attitudes.   Work mindsets often look one of two directions: fixed status quo or growth.  With a fixed mindset, talent can still help them succeed.  With the growth mindset, leaders are willing to learn new techniques, skills and perspectives.  Even without the same level of innate talent, their aptitude can surpass that of their talented, status quo minded peers.

There is a Perception the Employee Has Enough Experience

Anytime a manager promotes an employee to supervisory position, it is because they recognize potential in that employee.  What they may not realize is that an employee’s potential must develop into actuality.  While the promotion recipient may have production knowledge and capability, leadership requires a whole new range of skills. CNBC recently reported new data that indicates employees feel they aren’t “adequately trained for the future,” while their employers disagree. 

You can fill in the leadership training gaps for your people at a great price with CommandReady training. Check our programs here or contact us for more information on leadership development options for your business.