Strategic Level Planning

Strategic Level Planning

The three lenses of leadership allow leaders to look at the same problem with a different mindset for more creative problem solving.  Strategic level planning involves high level decision making and good leadership mindset.

Strategic Level Planning

As an initial step in strategic level planning, determine whether the challenge you are considering is a challenge you actually want to take on.  You will spend time and resources on achieving the objective.  Take the time to review the objective and potential outcomes to decide if it is a match to your vision and your values.  The questions that provide these answers are simple:

Ask yourself:

1.Am I doing the right things? (this is vision.)

2.Am I doing those things right? (these are values.)

When the answer to both questions is yes, it’s a good sign you are going in the right direction and adhering to the values you set. 

The strategic planning level is the framework upon which the operational planning can be hung, as a muscles is hung on a skeleton.  It determines your primary objectives, and how you will allocate resources to achieve those objectives.  Everything in your company will be impacted by your strategic planning.  The critical nature of this planning lens makes the steps in strategic level planning a high priority.

Set Clear, Concise Goals.

It might be crazy to feel this needs to be spelled out, but here it is.  To achieve your goals, you need to be clear on the goals you plan to achieve. Then you need to make sure everyone working toward that objectives are clear on what they are. 

One way to ensure everyone on the team understands the goals, is to put them in writing.  Then explain them clearly.  Don’t assume others see what you see.  You are the leader with the vision.  You can help others join you in your mission by explaining your vision to them in a way everyone can grasp.

Gather and Analyze Information.

Once goals are set, gather information on the sustainability of your business as you strive to accomplish your vision.  How will your strategic initiative help your business grown?  What internal or external issues can affect your objectives.  This requires honesty about the vulnerabilities of your company as well as opportunities the objectives can bring about.

Form a plan.

You know what you want to achieve, what will be the strategy to achieve it?  The success of this plan is critical to the success of your objectives and your business.  If the strategy doesn’t work with the business’ current structure, you need to make a plan on what you need to change.

Evaluate the Plan.

Knowing whether a strategic level plan is worthy requires evaluation.  Take into account both the internal and external factors that could impact the execution of your strategy.  Make a plan to handle either event.  The success of any future objective achievement will be directly attributable to whether your strategic level plan contained contingency plans within it. 

Strategic level planning is vast enough to make or break a company, but the steps are consistent and straight forward.  Make your strategy; know what you are doing and why you are choosing to do it.  Analyze the compatibility of your vision with your existing business model.  Figure out what changes you need to make, if any.  Form a plan on how you will reach your objectives, including contingency plans.  Evaluate your strategy for weaknesses and strengths.  Execute the plan. 

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