leadership growth and skill development doesn't need a bullhorn

Leadership Growth Doesn’t Require a Bullhorn

Looking for a guy like Rob Schneider in an Adam Sandler movie shouting “You can do it” into a bullhorn?  That’s not CommandReady.  If you’re looking for real leadership growth and skill acquisition, you’re in the right place. 

In the Beginning

CommandReady was founded in 2007 as a way to show their sales and customer service teams to be better prepared in client meetings.  Imagine our surprise when company leadership who normally sits or stands in the back of the room before quietly exiting, stayed. Sales teams and managers all engaged int the workshop. 

Leadership Growth and skill development
Leadership Growth and Skill Development (Source: Image by rawpixel.com)

Growth Across Industries Due to One Word: Leadership

Word got out and we grew.  Across industries from video game development to construction we saw a common need.  So we worked to fill that need, offering training and examples of leadership growth and skill development.  Any career promotion means changes.  Understanding those changes and adjustments helps us grow as leaders.  

Forged Program as a Leadership Growth Resource

People willing to put in the time and effort into potential leadership growth should have resources.  They should have a place where they can learn essential skills, in a flexible format that allows schedule adaptability. Flexibility requires a layer of accountability to keep trainees on track.  With that in mind, we developed and rolled out Forged in 84

We worked hard at planning modules.  We organized ideas, guidance, illustrational stories, and “homework” in a logical sequence that supported leadership growth and development.  We’re pretty proud of the result and some of the responses we’ve gotten from trainees have been amazing.  These people put in their own challenging work, with the resources we supplied to help them. What they accomplished with their efforts is inspirational.

What Clients Say About Forged in 84

 “The things I really got out of the program were connecting with a great group of people, that I can see myself continuing to engage in the long term, as well as learning some things about myself that I wasn’t aware of.”  “I thought it was an excellent program for both seasoned leaders and new leaders.”

– Dave Weiner, CEO of Secure Measures after completing the Forged in 84 program.

Lt. Jon Yepes completed the Forged in 84 program and gave the program credit.  Forged opened a “better understanding of my leadership characteristics, my role, and how to help lead and coach and mentor. I loved it!”

Some members said that in the beginning of the program, it was a little difficult to stick to it.  But setting aside module time became easier and easier.  After all, you can complete a lesson module in the time it takes to drink a coffee on your break.  If you can take time for that, you can turn that time into effective use. 

The program supplies the tools you need to look at yourself, see both the good and bad, and know what to work on.  A frequent comment in Forged feedback is “it didn’t just change my career life.  It changed my personal and home life.”  Another common response is “I just went through Forged again.  I had forgotten how much it helped me focus.”  Once enrolled, you can access the lesson modules more than once. Each time you may get different tips and ideas to use.  We are passionate about getting Forged to businesses and individuals because we believe it brings about leadership growth. Come Join us today.