Three months to prove your leadership capabilities, 12 weeks, 84 days, You join as a team of four to not only learn leadership but Forge new habits and test your ability to drive small teams into action. This will test your skills and build confidence in your ability to lead at the next level.



This is a three month program, 84 days, pushing yourself to learn new habits and set up your future self with real leadership and life knowledge. Forged provides a combination of video modules, morning routines, reflections, and daily challenges to shape yourself into the next level.

You don’t go through the program alone. Forged is designed to let you practice leadership not just watch it. Form a four person team, select someone to lead and get ready to hold each other accountable. We build skills by doing, trying, or playing. So get in the arena and play! This is not a program in theory, you have to do.

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Leaders build good habits.

Leading a team requires holding yourself to a higher standard, can you provide the purpose and direction for your fireteam?

Can you build the structure needed to lead your team through the entire program. There is no better way to learn than to do.

Will you lead a team or join one?

Being on a team means holding yourself accountable to the program and each other, you commit to doing the work.

Be honest in your effort, be coachable and set good goals. Joining a team is a commitment to continuous learning and self development.