The Leader Core-A New Kind of Community

The Leader Core – A New Kind of Community

The Leader Core (TLC) is a collection of like-minded people, who deep dive into leadership within a like-motivated community.  TLC is not just training from us, not modules, not lessons, but a hosted community where members are focused on continual growth. 

Starting a company, or getting a business degree isn’t enough to guarantee leadership skills. People who join The Leader Core are looking for a place to share ideas and experiences.  Finally, you have a place to get some feedback from other people on ideas and experiences you couldn’t share at your own business. 

The Leader Core- A New Kind of Community

What is The Leader Core (TLC)?

The Leader Core is a subscription-based community focused on growth and development, where members can support and challenge each other.  People are social, meant to work in groups.  We do well when working together toward a common goal, instead of working in isolation.  Lone performers can still accomplish things, but their achievements won’t be as high, or their careers as strong.  Surround yourself with people who motivate, challenge and inspire you.  You probably already do this in your personal life.  At the gym, in our dietary choices, or within our families, we surround ourselves with motivators.  Why wouldn’t we do this in our career? 

A Community of Inspiration

The tricky part about this, is that simply by being a leader in the workplace, we’re in a lonely position. As Col Garth related in a recent post about leaders: “Sometimes you have to make decisions that are not popular.”  TLC offers a place where you can find inspiration, gain new perspectives and ideas with others who understand leadership challenges.

The Leader Core Accountability

Find impartial, like-minded peers who care enough about personal growth, that they’re willing to invest in themselves. TLC is the place that brings it all together.  It’s a place where you can try out ideas safely before you bring it out in front of your boss.  At TLC, you can ask and answer questions on issues like framing the problem.  You can mentor someone else, or find the mentor you need. 

Resource Laden Subscription

Besides finding a rich inspiring community of achievers, TLC is loaded with resources. You’ll find video modules on learning, book reviews, monthly content with information and stories.  You’ll have access to a host of things, all crafted to give you that leadership edge. 

Subscribe and enjoy a cache of resources together with the community of leadership experience and problem solving mindsets.  The cost is low, at less than $10 a month, but the return is amazing…as long as you get involved.  

Immerse and Involve Yourself

If you never use the equipment at the gym where you have membership, if you never show up, you won’t get much out of it.  The Leader Core works best when members interact, ask their questions, share answers of what worked for them and why. 

The key to TLC isn’t spending a lot of time or money, but sharing your insights and concerns.  You can take charge of your growth, and help others along the way.  We’d like to give you a hand and we’ve kept the cost incredibly low to make that happen.  Come JOIN TLC, The Leader Core.