access to leadership development

Easy Access to Leadership Development

A leadership training course that isn’t inspiring you or your team, is discouraging.  Consider adding a program with easy access to leadership development  that delivers.  Don’t relearn how to follow a complicated new program, learn to lead.

Access to leadership development
Easy Access to Leadership Development

What can another program do that yours isn’t doing? CommandReady leadership trainees will see differences in their personal life as well as in their career. Because unlike other leadership programs, CommandReady delivers the tools to focus within and become a better leader and a better you.  Our strategies are proven to work, and our alumni regularly advise us of positive changes wrought by a CommandReady program. That growth could belong to your team too.

Access to Leadership Development Through Personal Growth

Personal growth is essential to good leadership development.  To inspire others to follow, a leader first needs to invest in some introspection and discipline. We will help you take a look at yourself, and then work on the areas that need work.  Your changes are likely to attract good people, who are themselves primed to grow and lead in the future.  With exercises to help reinforce the training, we’ll guide trainees in self-awareness, communication, motivational skills, fostering or coaching, and more. 

The program will initiate change, but it is a positive shift.  To achieve better business outcomes in spite of persistently shifting challenges, leaders must constantly transform themselves. Their efforts to that end, proves their commitment to the team and to the goal. CommandReady is designed and built to help leaders meet that challenge.

Discussion of and Insights into Styles of Leadership

Author Daniel Goleman Ph.D. proposed six widely accepted styles of leadership.  Some of the Goleman leadership types happen to be more effective than others. A leader who can alternate leadership styles as needed can evoke incredible levels of loyalty, motivation and productivity. We will cover all of them in our easy access to leadership development modules.  They are an important place to start on your journey.

  1. Visionary – a leader who mobilizes people toward the leader’s ideas.  To do this, a leader must reveal their vision, inviting people to share in it.  This leader is in a position to get feedback from subordinates when a change in strategy is indicated. 
  2. Directive (Commanding) – this leader demands immediate compliance with his orders.  There is to be no discussion, only compliant production.  In the short term, there is a place for this style of leadership.  For instance, in a high risk situation, immediate reaction can save lives.  In the long term, employees tend to disengage from this type of leadership and either leave or stop responding.
  3. Affiliative – Affiliative leaders get to know their people and stories.  By bonding with subordinates, an affiliative leader builds a team unit, with a strong sense of cooperation and pride.  This style of leadership tends to be effective in both high risk work and traditional corporate settings.  Employees who feel like their leader cares about them can be more motivated to return that care with improved performance.
  4. Participative (democratic) – building accord through participation.  This is a good way to get input from valuable employees, but if employees are problematic, this style may be ineffective.
  5. Pacesetting – this leader expects excellence and self-direction.  If he or she doesn’t get it from subordinates, they get to work to solve a challenge themselves. In the short term, his or her team may be inspired to produce more.  Over time, however, teams led this way tend to lose their motivation, replacing it with frustration.   
  6. Coaching – A leader who is developing a team for the future.  It is an investment style of leadership, earning trust and loyalty to help keep employees motivated. 

The Right Style of Leadership for Your Team

Knowing what the different types of leadership are, doesn’t necessarily help you understand when and how to apply them. Our programs contain a series of modules and group discussions, designed to develop leadership traits, step by step.  We strive to provide the tools you need to navigate the phases to personal growth and great leadership development.

Next we developed a method of easy access to leadership development.  The challenge isn’t how to learn to use the training.  The challenge remains personal growth and development of leadership skills, not switching from one program to another.  The focus of our program remains on you and on the tools you need to grow and develop into the leader you can be.  Find out more about how easy it is to begin, and what our training can do for you.

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