The Leader Core

The Leader Core Has Room For You

You want growth, accomplishment and economic reward. We want it too. But to get that economic reward, the focus has to first be on growing, accomplishing and leading. Growth doesn’t happen overnight, and meanwhile, unfortunately, leadership is lonely. As humans, we are social beings. As leaders, we’re more effective if we keep some separation from our subordinates. So when a leader has questions, where can they look for guidance and direction?  Sometimes, the answer lies with a supervisor. Sometimes it’s just too awkward to open yourself to a boss or superior.

It’s Not Just You

As someone who stills struggles to admit vulnerability, I believe the struggle is more common than you would think. Showing off skills is much more enjoyable than asking for assistance.  Admitting we need help is scary; it makes us feel vulnerable. That’s why evolving leaders need a place to go where peers understand their struggle. Col. Garth and other leaders in The Leader Core group get it. “The Leader Core” (TLC) by CommandReady is designed to create a community of like-minded people. TLC is a place to share ideas, challenges, and successes with others who value growth and accomplishment. Members can leave vulnerability at the door, and talk about what matters.

Reasons to Subscribe to The Leader Core

The Leader Core Supporting Your Growth

The Leader Core is rich with topics, resources and content. When you become a member, you gain access to a network of people, who, just like you, are interested in growth as well as those resources. Each week a new live discussion takes place between individual chats. Meanwhile there are book reviews, professional guests, and updates on learning ideas and approaches pertinent to leadership. As your host, we won’t offer drinks and hors d’oeuvres. But we will have engaging relevant resources and discussions with some of the most successful leaders around. You bring your principal questions and ideas and supply the low subscription fee.

The cost is super low – It’s under $10 a month with few requirements. What is needed, is engagement. TLC is not just a classroom where you go and sit like a sponge to absorb everything the teacher shares. This is a platform where lots of motivated leaders can share relevant thoughts and concepts.

You don’t have to just listen to what others have to say about profound leadership. You can step up and share your opinion too, or ask for other ideas. The leader core includes members who are leaders, managers, and trainers that have been where you are now. Ask them about your idea and you’ll get real, pertinent feedback from experienced peers.

How to Subscribe to The Leader Core

It’s easy to subscribe anytime. To join the Leader Core, go to programs, or click to contact the Colonel, or call (818) 403-LEAD (5323). There is no contract, no minimum subscription period. There are no cancellation penalties, but we think once you jump on, you’ll see the value and stay with us. Each month your payment will be automatically processed unless you do cancel membership.

Once you join, if you like TLC, tell someone you respect; our community only grows stronger when we work together. From the start, CommandReady programs and services have guided individuals through the transformation to corporate and entrepreneurial leadership. Individual growth and leadership development of our members is our highest priority here at CommandReady. How can we help you reach your potential? Call or contact us today.