leadership secrets to build morale can turn around an unproductive workplace

Command Leadership Secrets to Build Morale

Confident command leadership secrets to build morale are especially critical in times of low confidence and uncertainty. We’re sharing some insights on ways to build morale in the workplace. We think recent headlines illustrate the need for worker motivation.

A former coal town in Kentucky united to clean up flood damage following raging waters in Fleming Kentucky in late July. But in Washington, amidst loss of officers and spiking violent crimes, the police are reportedly overwhelmed. What makes the difference in these two examples, is the local leadership ability to unite workers and drive morale.

When the economy is uncertain, as it is currently, workers, and people in general, become unsettled. As more work piles on remaining workers, morale begins to slip. Employees start to wonder if they should have joined the great resignation too. You can apply leadership secrets to build morale to make a difference before it’s too late.

leadership secrets to build morale can turn around an unproductive workplace.
Leadership secrets to build morale can turn around an unproductive workplace.

Using Leadership Secrets to Build Morale

As teams return from Summer trips, leaders who up their game to optimize refreshed team members will be the winners. We’re going to start the conversation with several ways we discovered to build morale in your teams. Don’t stop there. When you uncover your own secrets to team engagement, share so others can help their teams advance too.

1. Give Your Team a Growth Environment

In a post pandemic, unsteady environment like today’s, creating a supportive work culture for your employees is critical to productivity. Workplace safety begins in the culture of a brand, not in video cameras in corners. A positive workplace where feedback is encouraged, allows team members to focus on achieving goals, not covering their backs.

2. Let Your Team Know You Value Them

Encouraging high performers to make their own decisions is another way to show trust and confidence in your team. It’s important for leaders to provide feedback and direction when needed, but giving them space to excel creates job satisfaction. And job satisfaction is contagious throughout the firm.

Frequent evaluations, like discussion on the progress you tracked and on the outcome show employees they are important to leadership. Informal feedback on project progress and other work they do are a valuable tool leaders can use to reinforce correct practices in employees.

3. Secrets to Build Morale through workplace Flexibility

Employees work differently. If there is a way to capitalize on that, do it. Instead of requiring a worker stay until the job is finished, allow them to take their break earlier than usual. The wall they hit earlier often disappears and their thinking is cleared, ready to find the way forward. They are still putting in the work, just not on a nine to noon, one to five schedule or whatever your norm is.

4. Make Time for Engaging Optional Events

Building a team is about more than getting the job done. Add in some social activities like a company picnic, a concert or other event to facilitate team interaction and fun. A&P International reports “fun generates creativity. Kelly Services has also discovered Having Fun at Work is Important. Building engagement often starts with social get togethers that aren’t focused on work. But the time you spend on these optional events is more than repaid in productivity.

Experienced leaders have seen the effect one dissatisfied employee can have on the entire workplace.  It makes morale monitoring and building more critical than ever. The ideas here include proven methods across multiple industries, but we’re betting you’ve others.  When you find your own secrets to build morale, let us know.  You can help other struggling leaders be better too.