There are several ways personal development builds leadership skills. Some we cover in detail in our Forged in 84 program, but we’d like to run an overview for those who haven’t yet committed to the program or want a refresher.

Personal development builds leadership skills.

September has been recognized as self-improvement month in America. Self-development, a core factor in self-improvement, is defined by Oxford languages as “the process by which a person’s character or abilities are gradually developed.” It seems intuitive that as we work on our character we become better leader, but there is more to the ways personal development builds leadership skills.

Impact of Personal Growth on Others

Those who are strong leaders, instill some of those qualities in their team. Likewise, when leaders prioritize personal development, they are setting the example for their people. Everyone benefits from a little introspection, but a leader is uniquely positioned to help several others through their personal growth.

Deciding the Value of Time

Life is short. We waste hours every day scrolling on the web, on social media apps, or watching television, until we become fidgety. Do we really need that much entertainment? In a few days, will we even remember what we saw ? On the other side of that equation, how much time do we devote to personal and career growth? If we value achievement, putting aside time for personal development is worth at least as much as entertainment hours.

Self-Awareness Through Personal Development

We all need to have a personal life, beyond our careers. Personal development, though difficult at times, ends up improving both our private and work life. As we work through our issues, we become more self-aware, leading to better recognition of those attributes in others.  Once this recognition crystalizes, leaders can help develop their teams’ more positive qualities. As the team develops those traits, creativity and production improve. And all of it is due to a leader who has become more self-aware through personal development.

Personal Development Yields Better Communication

Communication is another leadership skill that improves with personal growth. As our world becomes more digital, communication becomes largely virtual. Misunderstandings are suddenly rampant and damage control takes a lot of time. We once relied on body language in communication.  Today we must rely on concise, clear verbal communication. It is critical to set expected etiquette standard for virtual meetings. Assignments must include  measurable achievement expectations and deadlines to reach them. It is an added responsibility of leaders to make sure each team member is clear on their part of the assignment, proper procedures, new approaches and your expectations. Overcommunication is no longer a thing, as so much of what was understood got lost with remote work arrangements. Since personal development builds leadership skills in communication, it is one more area of personal growth essential for good leadership.

Personal Growth Leads to Emotional Intelligence

The phrase emotional intelligence is overused, yet it remains a critical part of personal development. Oxford Languages defines emotional intelligence as “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.”

With so many leaders dealing with remote members of their team, if not the entire team, expression becomes critical. To connect with others who aren’t even in the save room takes more effort and understanding. That connection, however, will help pull your team together to accomplish the goals in front of them.

Personal Development Builds Leadership Skills and Changes Careers

As leaders develop personally, their team grows; their communication and connective skills all flourish. In time, team goals and productivity will that growth too. And that is the stuff that career growth is founded on. Want more on leadership? Join us at The Leadership Core and enjoy a wealth of leadership resources. At the TLC, you’ll gain access to Col Garth Massey and other successful leaders, podcasts, articles, reports and more. We want you to succeed and personal development can help you do that. Let the TLC be your support group as you work to your goals.