Great leadership requires personal development

Great Leadership Requires Personal Development

Leadership is not just a matter of commanding a team.  The CommandReady style of leadership requires personal development to achieve great leadership skills. In fact, the subject of several modules is “becoming the best you”.  Every approach to personal and leadership development starts with an impartial look at yourself.  Once you know what you are starting with, decide what you want to achieve.  Reaching that goal will take planning, commitment, and discipline.

great leadership requires personal development
Leadership Requires Personal Development

Commitment to Personal Development

Every plan for achieving a goal is nothing without the commitment to plan and work toward that goal.  Are you committed?  Are you ready to apply time, effort and discipline needed to become a better leader?  A  better you?  When you are ready to commit to the goal, you are ready to make your plan.  This isn’t a long drawn out process.  Making a plan is as straightforward as committing to a new daily routine, putting in the work and facing the challenges involved.

Enacting The Plan

Great, you made the plan.  Does it include changes to your routine?  Incorporating new elements into your existing routine accelerates leadership training and personal growth.  We all have to work hard as we strive toward personal development.  Making small beneficial changes to your routine is one way to break down the goal of personal development.  There are challenges inherent in any changes, but creating a routine minimizes them.  Each step of the plan is rooted in discipline.  It takes discipline to rise early each day, or stay up a little later to stick to your plan. One of the core elements of great leaders is discipline.


Discipline is critical, but if you struggle with discipline, take heart.  The good news is that discipline can be developed.  It is done through routines, challenges and change.   

Side note here:  We get that it is much more comfortable to make superficial changes than to reach deep and change yourself.  And you have options.  If you want to maintain status quo without growth, skip the hard work necessary to transform.   

But look at  today’s marketplace.  It is evident that the old status quo isn’t enough.  During the 2020 pandemic lockdown, production and consumer demands changed faster than ever.  When we emerged from our self-imposed and regulated isolation, we emerged to a new normal.  To compete in the new marketplace, we need healthy growth, and healthy new growth requires effort.  During the CommandReady leadership training program, your personal changes will amaze you.  One of those changes, discipline, as we develop it, defines our character. And since leadership requires personal development, those changes will be reflected in your new leadership skills.

The Impact of Personal Development

Because it speaks to character, personal development impacts every aspect of life, including career growth.  As one of our participants responded, when asked how Forgedin84 affected his career.  “It didn’t just affect my career; It changed EVERYTHING!”  He went on to relate career advances, but revealed that by following the program, he gained a new perspective on himself and everything around him.  In the process, he stopped blaming others for his failures.  Knowing when to own those failures helped him correct the triggers and improve his options.  He discovered time hogging habits that yielded few benefits, and began weeding them out.  By making a segment of the program a part of his daily morning routine, he learned to recognize problems and he worked to correct them, one by one.   His family noticed the changes. His team noticed the changes, and everyone in his environment noticed the changes.  Training for great leadership requires personal development.  The results will impact every aspect of life.