Command Education RE worker engagement

Command Education Regarding Worker Engagement

Does your workforce believe in your business objective?  If not, how can you possibly fix that disconnect? First, for your workers to believe in your business mission, they need to feel included.  Moreover, they need reasons to engage. So, how do you recognize and improve the level of employee dedication to their work? And how does command education impact worker engagement? It guides you through Improvement beginning with learning a workforce’s level of engagement and then building reasons to connect.

Engagement Through Motivated Leadership

Employee Engagement begins with business leadership. Command Education focuses on showing leaders how to enhance employee teamwork. Because leaders work directly with the workforce, they are perfectly positioned to increase worker dedication. Recognizing that, CommandReady offers training that clarifies several steps that improve leader-team engagement. Here are a few of those steps highlighting a commonsense approach to reigniting employee commitment.

Get Familiar With the Workforce and Their Needs

The day Joe realized he was the only person engaged in his business’ future was disappointing, if not painful. Joe thought the only employee’s attitude that mattered is their work ethic, so he ignored their personal lives. Joe’s workers thought he didn’t care and they began to disengage from company goals. He came to understand leaders need to get familiar with their employee’s hobbies, skill sets, backgrounds and family life. While we’re not talking about a deep dive into their private life, some interest is proper. How can anyone expect their workforce to care about work unless they express some care about their workers.

Next, Get to Know Workers’ Commitment to Their Managers

Knowing how well a team relates to their manager lends insights into how strong their workforce engagement will be. It can seem  like a minor factor, but often the repercussions can be widespread.

Make sure Company Goals and Visions are Clear and Concise

Employees need to understand company goals to engage in them. Leaders can help them achieve that level of understanding.  Workers who know how their work contributes to the success of the business, are not only more satisfied in their work, but are more productive as well.   

Give Them The Tools They Need to Succeed

Unless workers can achieve some of the business goals, morale drops and workers begin to disengage. When a workforce receives the tools they need to succeed, their enthusiasm and engagement returns. Sometimes, the tools are literally implements for doing the job, but other times an employee needs education. Command Education reminds us to make sure workers get the support they need to perform.

Command Education on Employee Recognition

Recognition of accomplishments and recognition of valuable workers is incredibly motivating. We all like positive feedback. Recognizing a worker’s efforts is a great motivator for them to repeat those efforts. Joe set up a regular employee competition and rewarded the highest achiever with a cash reward in front of other employees. The recognition became the real connection for most of the winners.

Command Education and Building Teamwork

It isn’t enough to call a work group a team. To cultivate the kind of team bond that yields creative solutions and increased productivity, they need to engage as a collective team. Command Ready training clarifies ways to build leader-team collaboration. 

After experiencing his own challenging transition to leadership, the Colonel developed a guide for others.  He designed a training system to be consumed in individual modules or whole segments, on any schedule you need. There is even a white label version available to customize for your company. The important thing is that while leadership can be lonely and challenging there is a support system out there for you and your team. Learn more about our programs here or call (818) 403-LEAD [5323].