Everything boils down to leadership.  A leaderless team won’t reach any level of efficiency and certainly won’t accomplish anything of consequence. Without a leader, a family drifts apart, sometimes with dangerous fallout. Absent of leadership, teams degrade into conflicts, low morale, disjointed and unproductive members. Expect delayed decisions and consistent failures to achieve targets. That’s because leadership gets things done and lack of leadership results in chaos.

leadership gets things done
Leadership Getting Things Done

Leading without Power

Not everyone who leads is in a position to do so. In a leadership vacuum, some team members are hardwired to step up and give guidance on how to accomplish the team goals. Though leading from the trenches is more difficult, it isn’t impossible. What it does generally have in common is a different approach. Leaders who are not appointed authorities, often lead by influence and inspiration. They serve the team, always keeping their eyes on the goal, and helping their teammates reach it with them. Even without power, leadership gets things done.

Serving the Team, Your Firm and Yourself

To solve problems and challenges, people need information, tools, skills and support. Good leaders recognize the needs specific to an individual project. Sometimes leadership from within the team contributes to some of the needs. When one teammate shares information and knowhow for the job, they are helping to serve and lead the team. When one team member takes it upon themselves to teach another a skill needed to achieve the goal, they are serving and leading. When a team member encourages diverse opinions and approaches, he or she is serving the team and leading. Even while serving, leadership gets things done. All these actions help to organize the team and boost creative productivity. 

Getting a Handle on Your Own Challenges First

Before leading others, and organizing a team, start by managing yourself. Self-management is a skill that can be cultivated and honed. The Leader Core can help you face your self-awareness and development. It’s a place where members can interact with other leaders, resources and engagement opportunities to CommandReady programs. Getting a handle on your own challenges is a critical step to leading others. 

Getting the Support You Need

Regardless of whether you are attempting self-development or leadership development, having support vastly improves the chance of success. The Leader Core members act as your support net. Go ahead and bounce ideas or challenges off of them. Find resources or just post the questions causing sleepless nights. The Value in The Leader Core is in the myriads of resources and program savings.

Leadership Gets Things Done by Finding The Vision

Vision is a product of three facets of leadership: Only by imagining the ideal future of the organization, can one lead others toward that future. Success is unique to an individual business’ perspective. What does success look like to yours? 

The next step is to look at what it would take to achieve that success. This is where leaders can map the road to their vision. Communicating that vision to the team who must help to achieve it is absolutely essential to the process. And of course, when communicating with the team, the leader must inspire enough confidence that the team will get on board and achieve the vision.