leadership skills and personal growth

New Leadership Skills and Personal Growth

Personal Growth Good Leaders Need

True leaders constantly strive to develop and grow.  This means working on both leadership skills and personal growth.  Because personal growth is compulsory to good leadership, CommandReady created a program to help in skill development and growth.  Any leadership development program demands a degree of introspection and discipline.  In order to lead others, you must first take a good look at yourself and the areas of leadership that may need work.  What follows are the key components of leadership skills and personal growth good leaders need to develop.

Leadership Skills and Personal Growth

Develop Self-Awareness

Being self-aware requires a higher level of emotional intelligence.  Understanding emotions can guide leaders to manage or adjust to achieve the goal.  Knowing how you are reacting to events can help you understand how to adjust your attitudes for higher achievement.  It also guides you when events trigger intense emotional responses such as panic.  Just as panic is contagious, so too is calm  confidence.  Understanding how you are reacting can help you adjust and help others to follow you.

Improve Communication

Communication has always been vital to productivity and achievement.  Today, it is the method and style of communication that is changed.  Now that more of us work remotely, we are using more digital means to communicate. Where once body language and tone of voice helped communicate the entire message, digital communications don’t offer those components.  Leaders need to learn how to over-communicate with their team to fill the void and ensure comprehensive understanding.  It is crucial to make time to ensure the objectives are clear, concise, measurable and time restricted.

Build the Skills to Motivate

Productivity is the combination of capability and motivation. If either is missing the end result is nothing.  In order to keep your team motivated, you as a leader need to learn first how to motivate yourself.  Then you can coach others.  External motivation is temporary.  It is critical to learn and then share the tools and resources to keep your team at the top of their game. 

Foster Mentoring and Coaching

Constant growth is the mark of a true leader.   For you to continue to grow, you need different coaches with a different skillset to learn from.  Once you are able to learn what you can from them, you need additional skill coaches to advance to a new level.  Status quo will never be enough.  For you and your team to grow, you need to find people who are able and willing to help you achieve that growth.  At the same time, it is critical to learn to mentor and coach those who report to you.  As you develop and grow, they can develop and grow, one day replacing you when you advance.

Leading Through Change

Especially following a world pandemic change has become the new normal  To drive better business outcomes in spite of ever moving obstacles leaders must constantly transform to meet the new challenges.  More than that, leaders have the responsibility to help teach their team to be ready to meet the shift.  They need leadership skills and personal growth that demonstrates their commitment to the team and the goal.

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