Education-based atmosphere

Impact of an Education-Based Atmosphere

Learning changes all of us.  How we view learning affects our ability to develop and grow.  You could develop your entire organization through a program of learning and idea sharing. Your workforce was costly to acquire, train and retain.  Help your team give you back more as they become resourceful and as they learn more about other aspects of leadership. Give them an education-based atmosphere in which to flourish.

Education-Based Atmosphere

Consider children with access to books vs those who don’t have books and encouragement.  Only 47.8% on average of parents read to their 0-5 year old children. Those children receive between 1,000 to 1,700 hours on one on one book reading.  By kindergarten, 37% of the children arrive without the skills necessary for lifetime learning.  The impact of an education-based atmosphere on a child lingers from childhood to retirement.

education-based atmosphere

Kids growing up in a home without easy access won’t read as much as those with books. Your organization’s attitude toward access to information resources will impact your team’s aptitude.  The more information you put at their fingertips, the more prepared they can be to face an ever-changing business environment.  CommandReady is changing the playing field with a learning platform to share ideas, connect teams and drive learning. 

Forged in 84

The Forged in 84 program offered by CommandReady starts with the ways in which new habits are built.  Notice I used the word built, not added or created. Habit changes can start with a motivational speech, but the permanent changes happen as we alter our daily routines.  Add important habits, a little at a time and you will be surprised by how these small positive changes become part of a daily routine and of us.

At CommandReady, we offer training resources using different platforms so you can find the best platform to offer an education-based atmosphere for your team. 


Bite sized educational modules

Modules small enough that your team members can follow at their own speed enables better retention.  Individuals can train a few per day, or a chapter at a time.  Each module contains a short, interesting and easy to follow talk led by Col Garth.  Some modules are optional.  They may help support the lesson, but are not critical to a members progress.

Trackable support 

The program has easy online access so you can make growth and education a priority for your entire team.  Even with the easy login access individuals sometimes become discouraged.  They may need more support.  With our trackable module progress, if someone stops logging in, you can flag and address the issue.   When a team member loses momentum, you can find out what the obstacle is.  If necessary, you can help your team member overcome it and get back into the program. 


For others, there is nothing better than inspirational, hands-on lessons for the team.  CommandReady offers workshops that build skills in Courage, Justice, Prudence, and Temperance.  The program not only improves your teams resourcefulness, but our clients tell us the productivity and morale go up too. 

In Today’s environment, amidst walkouts, stress and frustration, leaders need fresh solutions. An education-based atmosphere changes team members both at work and home.  A resourceful team can help generate more solutions to guarantee company success.  Your team just needs a little help to grow, and CommandReady has got you covered.