Effective Leadership in Chaotic Times

Chaos Obscures Direct paths to Your Goals

Chaos breeds tremendous levels of uncertainty. Effective leadership in chaotic times, is more critical than ever in achieving our goals.  And we are dealing with chaos both in and out of the workplace.  There are still supply chain issues more than a year after the lockdown ended.  The mass resignation left most industries shorthanded and minus skilled workers they need.  The employees remaining are bemoaning the number of workdays they must be away from their families, and let’s not even get into politics in an election year. 

Effective Leadership EVEN in Chaotic Times

Sometimes during times of turmoil, the path becomes overgrown and difficult to navigate.  What follows are some commonsense survival tips that can guide your vehicle to clearer pathways of effective leadership.

Own the Goal

Regardless of supply chain issues or insufficient training, there are still goals to obtain for the good of the company and yourself.  If you are the leader assigned to one of those goals, own it.  Accept both the challenge ahead of you and the consequences if you fail to achieve the target. 

When you stop lining up excuses or reasons for failing, you can begin to focus on how to succeed.  Only once you own the assignment, will you be able to get your team to do the same. Once you stop making excuses, your team loses access to those same rationalizations.  As a result, they will be more likely to commit to the outcome.  Now you can make your plan to reach the target, based on your on-hand resources.  Assess who and what you have, and what you absolutely need to achieve the goal, share the plan with the team.

Take the First Step – Change the Plan as You Go

It’s a funny thing about frustration. In the midst of chaos, once you and your team take the first step, helpless frustration transmutes into confidence.

 With that said, avoid Procrastinating until you have more supplies or information. The perfect situation never lines up, so waiting for it will result in missed opportunity and failure to reach goals.  Hesitating during uncertainty, opens a window for your competition to force you to be reactive instead of proactive.  Act on your plan, with the fluidity to make changes as needed. 

You might need extra staff or training, or lost skilled team members in the great resignation. It happened, and you need to move forward.  Outsource the work you need to or take a different approach and adjust.

It’s Not about You

Putting your team’s welfare ahead of your own inspires a team.  Instead of thinking about your reward for achieving the goal, focus on how to serve your people.  There are many ways to stay true to this approach, including consistency, fairness, ethics, dependability, honesty and more.

Stay Calm and Focused

The one time you lose your temper will impact your leadership effectiveness long after you’ve calmed down.  No matter how chaotic or frustrating your situation is, when you stay calm and focused, your team will be likely to do so.  Productivity only happens in that zone, so keep your head. Step back if you need to, both physically and mentally.  Reassess the situation as changes hammer in, and calmly replot the path to the goal as you go.

TLC Supports Effective Leadership in Chaotic Times

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