CommandReady Leadership Retreat

CommandReady Leadership Retreat

Tickets are available now for January 13-14 CommandReady Retreat Workshop.

Some things are just better in person.  Leadership training is one of those things. It is even better when an experienced leader successfully transitions from military command to civilian business, and then conducts training. Col Garth teaches courses online, in an easy to access, follow, and absorb, format.  Col Garth also offers corporate or individual leadership retreats.  On January 13-14, Col Garth leads a two-day individual leadership retreat in the Angeles National Forest. This is your opportunity to ditch the distractions and holiday insanity and head for the hills for hands-on leadership training.

The Location

Experience hands-on leadership coursework and exercises, located on the 700,176 acres of Angeles National Forest.  Between leadership training, enjoy breathtaking mountain views from one of over fifty trails, including Mount Baldy summit trail, the famous bridge to nowhere trail or waterfall hikes.

Leadership Coursework

Great leaders are not born into the role, they develop, train and grow into the part.  CommandReady has been training tomorrow’s leaders for years.  Coursework for leadership training is required on this retreat.  Gain leadership insights that can help guide you to success in this focused two-day retreat.  Meet others as dedicated to leadership goals as you are, and benefit from the group energy and fresh perspectives.

Accountability and Culture

You may have read or heard us talk about this before.  By assigning goals that your team has the ability and potential to achieve, you help them achieve more.  This segment will review methods of shaping your people’s accountability and culture through your own language and commitment.  Note: prepare to be amazed at the improvement in worker morale when you adjust your own language. 

Decision Making and Planning

By following strategic, operational and tactical levels of planning, you streamline the process, not just for you, but for your team.  Discover planning techniques used by successful leaders.

Hands On Exercises   

One of the great benefits of training in person is the hands-on exercises that drive home course comprehension.  Active participation keeps you engaged in the training, and drives home a deeper understanding of the course material. 

Small Group Development Sessions

Working in smaller group development sessions unveils an opportunity to connect with others and share insights gained along the career path.


OK, so who doesn’t want to hang out around the campfire in an idyllic setting like the Angeles National Forest?  Relax and compare notes or simply connect with others who might become your support team.  You may meet others who encourage and share stories that inspire or inform.

Learn by Doing

Get out of LA and into the mountains for Cohort 12 of the CommandReady Leadership series.  Escape the holiday insanity and enjoy leadership training in the inspiring, majestic setting of the Angeles National Forest.  Spending time outside is a fantastic way to get grounded and renewed, while you absorb leadership skills and nuances.  No lesson is as profound a teacher as experience. This is your opportunity to learn by doing. 

It promises to be an excellent two days (Thursday and Friday) when people get together to improve and grow. We would love to have you along.  Visit for registration details and pricing.