The Best You

You can choose the best you.  With your help, so can your team.  CommandReady reflects on how to help guide your team into the behavior adjustments they need to make to be the best them.

Colonel Massey in a module on self-development remarks, “Little actions throughout the day will lead you to big things.”  How you respond to challenges, will impact your growth and success.  If you notice a subordinate isn’t stepping up to improve their capability and potential, you will need to address it before it becomes a bigger problem.

The Best you
the best you

The Best You Addresses Behavioral Issues

There are times When a good leader finds a problem with behavior in his or her team.  To give a team member the chance to improve, share some insights with him or her.  These insights will give the team member the opportunity to re-engage and improve.  Any reprimand should be done privately, one on one.  Praise should be publicly delivered.  It saves face and raises morale.

1. Explain what they got wrong.  By specifically outlining the problem, your team  member now knows what he or she needs to work on.  Never assume the problem is as clear to them as it is to you.

2. Give them the resources to improve. Do they need more training, reading material?  What will help the motivated team member improve.

3. Give the team member the date you will re-inspect.  How long do they have to make behavioral changes and clean up their act?

The Best You Embraces Challenge

There are other times when you have a rock star on your staff.  This is the one who makes the decision to get up each day, and follow a routine that leads to more achievement.  The routine may be exercise, reading and coffee with the colonel.  The routine may involve prayer or meditation.  It is not as much about the exact components of the routine, but that fact that an achiever is packing self-improvement into their start of the day.  By turning a discipline into a regular morning habit, you stop having to struggle to make yourself do it.  It becomes part of who you are becoming.

You have the ability to make choices about consequences.  Using that ability to make wise choices is part of overcoming adversity.  Accepting new challenges sparks achievement and progress.  Work through your methods of overcoming adversity to grow. 

Execute your Plan to Achieve The Best You

The consequences you choose are going to happen based on the plan you choose.  By making a plan, you can simply exercise that plan to achieve the consequences of it. By approaching your day as a plan, you can remove all those pesky little choices that require willpower.  Just follow your plan, embrace challenge and watch the magic happen.

CommandReady is the dream child of Colonel Garth Massey.  The military teach leadership in a unique, easy to follow manner.  It isn’t rocket science, but it is a choice and the discipline to follow that choice.  You have potential. Are you using it?  Are you the best you can be?  If you are answering no to any of these questions, come join us at CommandReady.  We have helped thousands of corporation managers and supervisor learn better leadership.  We have helped thousands find success in their endeavors and we can help you find the best you too.  Click here to learn more.