Find Your Inner Leader, One Change at a Time

Feeling too overwhelmed to make the changes you know you need?  Its ok.  New Actions don’t turn into habits overnight, but making one change at a time can lead to massive breakthroughs.  CommandReady has some programs and tips that can help you develop better habits to hone into a better you.  Read more to learn a little about finding your inner leader, one small change at a time.

Finding your inner leader one change at a time
Finding your inner leader one change at a time

One Change at a Time

Before you make any changes, take time to write or type a list of the changes you feel you need to make.  To reach any goal, you first need to know what goal you want to reach.  Then you need to plan how to achieve that goal.  We talked before about setting up milestones along the path to your goal.  Take small goals, like changing or adding activities for personal growth and add them into your daily routine.  You might be surprised to discover, how activities that took discipline in the beginning soon became routine habits.  You will then be able to focus on higher priorities, because you will no longer need to think to carry out those routine habits.  By making this type of little adjustment, you will be making way for bigger shifts, one change at a time.

Taking on a module when you have your morning coffee should be one of those changes.  Just ten minutes of “Coffee with the Colonel” can teach or remind you of leadership and personal development tips that lead to success in multiple facets of life. In less time than it takes to style your hair, you could be gaining the edge that puts you ahead of your competition.

Focus on Doing Your Best

Now that you worked to instill habits to enhance personal growth, you can focus on doing your best.  It should be said, The Difference between being the best and doing your best is huge.  What does that mean?  Being the best in your organization may not require you to do your best.  By pushing yourself to do the best work you can, you may move the entire firm forward.  Being the best will have new meaning because you are doing your best.

Words Have Power

You shape your culture, whether personally or whether you are shaping the culture of your workforce.  You do this through words.  Think about how you communicated during the day.  Do you regularly use the phrase “yes, but…”?  Do you explain why something won’t work more than why it could work?  Both of these approaches are negative and lead to a loss of morale, motivation and momentum in your subordinates.  The words you choose to use, are powerful.  You can choose words

Small Failures Lead to Big Successes

Along the path to success are myriads of small failures.  Failure itself will not prevent accomplishments.  The way you react to losing is the difference between your success or failure.  Learning from your mistakes makes you a better leader than never making mistakes.  Owning your mistakes, admitting to them and facing the consequences, shows your subordinates true leadership and commitment.

“If you never lost, you never had to face the adversity or struggle.”  From CommandReady training, Picking Your Best You.

CommandReady offers more than a few of these honest resources. This is taken from the 21 day challenge, but there is a new powerful series called forged in 84.  The series is a straightforward collection of progressive leadership training broken down into easily absorbed modules. Contact us today for information on how you or your staff could be stronger leaders in 21 or 84 days.  Big change is much easier when you make yourself over one change at a time.