resolutions or goal setting

Better Resolutions or Goal Setting

All year long we write about goals and objectives.  Each new year is the perfect time to review your progress and evaluate the direction you are moving.  New year’s eve is almost here again and it is the traditional time for better resolutions or goal setting for the coming year. Good leadership requires you to regularly evaluate your progress and resolve to achieve fresh goals.  Each new year, however trite, brings with it the perfect setting to stop and reevaluate just how far you came in the last 12 months. From there you can assess your methods and direction to set goals for the coming year.

resolutions or goal setting

An Honest Review

To know what adjustments you need to make to achieve your goal more effectively, you need to give yourself an honest review of your progress and that of your team.  Remember, no plan or strategy should be set in stone.  There should be room to make changes. 

An efficient way to start your past year review is to grab a notepad.  Create two columns, one for positive and one for negative.  If you have last year’s calendar, use it to help you review people, activities and commitments that contributed to the best and worst of last year.  Filter out last year’s non-productive activities and connections, as things and people that ate time without ROI.  Highlight those activities and connections that were most productive and focus on more of that for the coming year.

Evaluate and Adjust New Goals

Evaluate your previous goal achievement as well as your current and new goals.  Consider both your process goals, how you will achieve and your outcome goals, what you want to achieve. Are the goal realistically attainable in a way that matches your values?  This evaluation is a critical component of better resolutions or goal setting.

Setting New Goals

At CommandReady, we like to think we have shared the leadership strategy you need to successfully set and reach your goals.  That should give you a jump start on better resolutions or goal setting from others.   For instance, you know that when you make a resolution, you need to keep it specific enough to be able to measure success at keeping or achieving it.  Others may not know how critical it is to be able to check it.  You also know that when you set a goal or resolution, it must align with your values to stay motivated enough to achieve the goal. A goal that is attainable without sacrificing your values is a sweeter win.

You know that you are more likely to keep to your resolution, if you add smaller goals that help on track and motivated longer for the larger goal.  And you must know by now that you need to have the resources to reach any goal you set, whether those resources are the training, strength or financial wellness to stick to your resolutions and goals.

Over the last twelve months you learned that there are ways to help you maintain your focus and momentum on goal achievement.  You learned to shape your environment to enhance goal attainment.  You learned to make sure you and your team are trained to facilitate goal achievement.  You learned to search out the support you need to reach your target.  But along the way, you also became aware that you have it within you to achieve your goals.  We can’t wait to see the growth 2022  will bring from your resolutions or goal setting.

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