Thinking through the “Most Probable Course of Action” boosted my ability to work with other regions. I now constantly think through what pressures they face, what they value, and how my ideas would likely be received by them. Really helps when discussing strategy with regional leaders.
— Greg

Today was an awesome experience. It was especially helpful for me to get to know everyone a bit better and bond with the team. Thanks Garth!
— Mark

Just wanted to pass on my thanks for the training you delivered this week. I found it really useful to learn about myself and identify traits…It was a real eye opener. It’s made me feel a lot more confident and happier to go into situations with the right tools or skills that’ll help me perform the best I can.Your delivery was excellent and your enthusiasm was infectious.
— Jasprit

A big take away for me from the course was the short/mid/long term goal alignment. I’ve worked hard to align my goals, and it’s set me up to be successful, both personally and professionally.
— Josh

The coaching sessions had leveled me up on inspiring confidence. In Chili the stream went down during a huge tournament, I stayed calm, gave good directions to my teammates, no one freaked out, and they got the stream up.
— Loren

Structured planning and phasing has already helped me revamp the Change Advisory Board process.
— Jenny

Leaders motivate people and make them grow. They inspire loyalty. They have empathy and tact. I take a little time by myself each week to think about how I can be more the leader I want to be.
— Donna

Yes, thank you. This is awesome. I told my team that you helped to put things in perspective when you wrote it out and helped me to see the plan. I’ll be honest, it was a little difficult to hear at first. I had put my heart and soul into the team and the vision I have for them, I felt a lot of ownership and responsibility for them, and I really thought I was on a good path. What I hadn’t done is project it out more than a few months and put myself fully in everyone’s shoes like I needed to. Thanks for opening my eyes and pointing me in a much better direction. This will bring a lot of relief.
— Chris