A Surefire Way To Damage Your Leadership Influence

Look, I understand we are all trying to do the right thing and be good employees, but don’t take taskers from pronouns. “They” said it had to be done, is just not good enough if you want a winning team.

Orders in the military come from somewhere and if you don’t know who is giving them or where they came from it can cause confusion or missed context. Either of which can be deadly on the battlefield. I don’t see the office place as being much different.

As organizations grow they build policies, rules and add bureaucracy. Sure this helps increase efficiency, provides a uniform and succinct brand and creates a culture that differentiates you from the competition. But it can also be an anchor.

“They need it done”, “It was like that when we got here”, “that’s the way we do things”, “it is, what it is” Please just stop saying them all! Most of these phrases are just nonsense.

Leaders are responsible for pulling out the weeds when they clog up the system so if you don’t know the rule, look it up, spend time checking the source and try to understand why it is a rule. Ask for specifics and be ready to defend the need to make changes, that is if you intend to be able to keep up with an evolving environment. Companies don’t operate in a static, frozen market, they are constantly adjusting to meet new client and consumer demands, are your leaders? Or, does the siren's song of comfort and safety lull you into a place where your teams accept everything “they” need done without actually checking to see if it makes sense? Where "no" is just easier

If you can't find the “right” answer, enlist your boss’s aid with questions. (What if we approached this another way)? Or consider scrapping the old and writing the new to match your new needs. Would you agree that a partial solution to the right problem is a lot better than a perfect solution to an old or wrong problem.

Get in there and challenge convention a little. After all “They” can put cover sheets on their own TPS reports. You’ve got work to do.

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