Stop Micromanagement

Change how you lead by changing your perspective about what matters.

Over the years I’ve been asked by leaders how to delegate better. People in leadership positions want to manage their people and delegate out tasks, except the difficult ones, letting their teams/ people work independently, unless they need help, all while they continue to maintain their personal workload.

Stop it!

If you’re looking to increase delegation in your office start by looking at your projects differently. Rather than working on building more hours into your day look at how you measure success.

People don’t change, they make new decisions based on new information.

If you gauge the success of your team by how many projects you can delegate to them, you are holding them back and you are likely micromanaging. Change your perspective and how you see success.

If success means having engaged, innovative employees that are seeking out new challenges then you don’t need to “help” them with difficult projects. You need to ensure that their have the resources and education to successfully complete their projects and then get out of the way. If they do have a problem you need to ensure you’ve created an environment where they will come to you with questions.

There will be failures, but leaders see these as opportunities to build and develop others (and themselves). As you adjust your success measures remember to include space for a little failure too.

Corporate leadership succeeds when you multiply the efforts of the people around you. Grow your team by maintaining a focus on building the people around you, not on doing your work with or through them.

This can be difficult as we often gauge our own success by the number of projects we have contributed to, which is why I’m not suggesting you manage differently. I’m saying you need to step back and completely rethink what you are trying to achieve and how you will determine success. If you can change what success looks like to you new leadership approaches will follow.  Are you counting projects or the growth of your people?

When you give yourself new metrics to measure success by, the behavior change will fall in place.

We work toward our goals, so change them, make them something that will propel you forward.

If you’re ready to make a change in your approach consider getting a mentor to kickstart new initiatives. Get in touch with us here, we have something that can help.

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Dan Baldini